AI Can Scan Your Eyes And Predict Your Personality

AI Scans Your Eyes to Predict Your Personality

Credit: Pete Linforth

If you were worried that artificial intelligence was getting too up close and personal, it’s time to worry more. AI is bound to get even better at figuring out your behavior.

The University of South Australia and the University of Stuttgart joined forces for an AI project that monitors eye movements. After telling their AI to watch the eye movements of 42 participants with the help of a SensorMotoric Instruments video eye tracker, the researchers checked the findings with your ol’ regular questionnaires.

Guess what: the AI was able to reliably identify four of five widely recognized personality traits. Those were neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness, but not openness.

The authors of the study claims this is the first time eye movement has been used to spot personality traits. Researcher Tobias Loetscher from the University of South Australia said that the information they got might be the uniting bridge between controlled laboratory studies and the study of natural eye movement in real-world environments.

In their findings published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience journal, they wrote:

“Studies reporting relationships between personality traits and eye movements suggest that people with similar traits tend to move their eyes in similar ways.”

The ultimate goal is to improve human-machine interactions, such as smartphones offering personalized support, self-driving cars, interactive video games and more.

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