AI Scanner Supposed to Protect US Schools Can’t Detect Knives In Almost Half the Cases

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A new and troubling report shows how security measures in US schools are more security theater, not actual systems that can protect students.

Some schools have replaced traditional metal detectors with a $3.7 million “AI scanner” that apparently involves sophisticated technology but misses about half of knives – to tragic consequences.

The BBC reports the case of Ehni Ler Htoo, a student of Proctor High School in Utica, New York, who was stabbed during school despite the security measure of the AI scanner.

From the report:

“Evolv Technology is a security firm that wants to replace traditional metal detectors with AI weapons scanners.

Instead of simply detecting metal, Evolv says its scanner “combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence” to detect weapons.

When the system detects a concealed weapon – like knives, bombs or guns – it triggers an alert.

The company has publicly stated their system is highly accurate, and previously boasted its scanners can help to create “weapons-free zones”.”

However, the same report and a previous investigation done by the BBC last year discovered that Evolv’s AI scanner missed 42% of large knives in 24 walk-throughs.

Evolv’s Express security system is now in place in hundreds of US schools, as well as stadiums across the US and UK.

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