AI Sensitivity Training Needed? Microsoft AI Incorrectly Classified Food Bank As “Cannot Miss” Tourist Highlight


Generative AI can do a lot, including writing basic descriptions or generating lists, but it lacks any type of feelings or sensitivity training.

Case in point?

MSN.com’s Microsoft Travel section uses AI to generate stories about the coolest tourist spots around the world. 

Since the AI essentially cribs together information from various sources and doesn’t understand nuance all that well, mistakes can happen. 

ArsTechnica noticed that, in Ottawa, Microsoft’s AI model recommended a food bank as a “Cannot Miss” tourist hotspot. Even worse, it concluded its description of the foodbank with an advice for the readers to “Consider going into it on an empty stomach.”

From the ArsTechnica report:

As the No. 3 destination on the list, Microsoft Travel suggests visiting the Ottawa Food Bank, likely drawn from a summary found online but capped with an unfortunate turn of phrase:

“The organization has been collecting, purchasing, producing, and delivering food to needy people and families in the Ottawa area since 1984. We observe how hunger impacts men, women, and children on a daily basis, and how it may be a barrier to achievement. People who come to us have jobs and families to support, as well as expenses to pay. Life is already difficult enough. Consider going into it on an empty stomach.”

You can see the original story generated by AI for MSN here.
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