With iOS 12, Your AirPods Can Become Hearing Aids
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With iOS 12, Your AirPods Can Become Hearing Aids

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Participants at WWDC were all ears when it came to iOS 12 features and the effects of them on user experience but one feature quietly slipped by.

Techcrunch reported that starting with iOS 12, Apple will add Live Listen to all AirPods.

Live Listen is a hearing aid program for iPhones. That means that any user will be able to turn their earbuds into an effective hearing aid by just turning the Live Listen feature on.

In return, the iPhone will act as a directional mic, which can help conversations in crowded restaurants, as the sound captured by the phone will be instantly relayed with better volume through the AirPods.

Launched in 2014, Live Listen is not a suitable replacement for professional-grade hearing aids but it’s a great tool for those who have a mild hearing loss or simply want to be able to follow a conversation in a noisy environment.

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