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This Gadget Makes Alcohol From Leftover Fruits

alchema system cider

Your latest resolution is picking up a new hobby? Don’t sign up for something predictable and time consuming. Brewing your own beer or making wine and cider at home are the right candidates. You won’t need much skill and knowledge for it, either, since the Alchema home device cand do everything for you #objectmagic

This kitchen appliance comes with dozens of recipes for mead, cider and wine you can choose from. Pair it with your smartphone, then choose one from the companion app. The list of ingredients will appear shortly after and all you need to do is procure them. Add spices and yeast and when you’re done, simply push a button. It works just as easy as your food processor.

alchema system

The home cider system has a feature that allows it to track the amount of ingredients poured; basically, you can’t go wrong with your beverages. A batch can be ready in under five minutes. That isn’t to say the cider will be drinkable immediately. The fruits have to ferment for 1-2 weeks, depending on the recipe.

Alchema can be connected to Wi-Fi, so you’ll watch the progress of your cider or wine when you’re on the move. At $499, the system can squeeze 2.4 liters of alchol, so about 3 bottles of wine. 

Let the parties start!

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