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Alexa Sent User’s Conversation to Random Contact

Credit: Amazon Alexa

Amazon was contacted recently by a family in Portland to investigate their Alexa device. The family claims Alexa recorded a private conversation in their home and sent the recorded audio to a random contact in the family’s contact list.

Later, they received a phone call from that contact. He told them to unplug all their Alexa devices.

An Alexa engineer investigated the claim and went through their logs, confirming the fact that the recording took place. He assured the family that the issue is going to be fixed. However, the engineer did not give the family a reason as to why it had happened in the first place or even if it was an issue with just their Alexa and not a general Alexa issue.

Amazon claims that the issue is “a rare occurrence” and that it is already taking steps in preventing it from ever happening again.

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