Alfred AI Fixes Lighting on Phone Photos

Relonch Alfred AI Fixes Lighting on Phone Photos

Professional lighting is not easy to get, especially when you’re an amateur photographer. So lighting company Relonch has made an artificial intelligence (AI) program to give photos a professional feel. Called the Relonch Alfred AI, this iOS app uses machine learning to correct photos are that poorly lit.

By analyzing each area of a photo separately, Alfred creates a color and exposure map of the photo and takes note of where both the lightest and darkest areas are located. All that information helps the software localize the areas that need adjustments. With just the use of a single slider, it brightens up the darkest portions of the photo and leaves the correctly exposed areas untouched.

To obtain this result, a 25-member editing team spent nearly two years manually editing 100,000 photos. The manual adjustments were given to the machine leaning software, which, in turn, taught the program how to create the localized adjustments.

Relonch plans much more for the app as the team responsible for Alfred is working on a beta version that works for videos while they’re being recorded. Additionally, there will also be an Android release for the Relonch Alfred AI.

As it was officially announced a day ago, Alfred is still in its inception stage. A demo is currently available on the App Store.

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