All You Need Is This New Wearable To Measure Your Blood Sugar

This year’s CES 2021 brings an innovation that might benefit millions of people worldwide. Japanese start-up Quantum Operation Inc claims to have found a way to monitor blood sugar without using a needle. During the streamed presentation, the company revealed a prototype of a wearable device, similar-looking to an Apple Watch. The gadget has a small spectrometer which is used to scan the blood to measure glucose, and other vital signs, including heart rate and ECG.

Quantum says its secret is the patented spectroscopy materials that are built into the watch and its band, and are capable to accurately obtain data from the user. The start-up claims it plans to produce the device for insurers and healthcare providers. The gadget can also be used to build a huge data platform by collecting information from patients wearing the device.

Noninvasive continuous glucose monitoring is something the medical industry has been trying to resolve for many years. Quantum showed a sample of the data collected by its device and compared it to that made by a commercial monitor, the FreeStyle Libra. The variation between the two is pretty high, so people relying on accurate blood glucose readings to determine their insulin dosage, may not yet benefit.

Other tech companies tried to come up with similar solutions for reading blood sugar in the past, but none were successful at a commercial level. As this year’s CES is online, we didn’t get a first touch of the prototype, but who knows? This Japanese start-up may just have struck gold.

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All You Need Is This New Wearable To Measure Your Blood Sugar
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