Alleged Mid-Range Pixel 3 Comes With A Snapdragon 670

There have been some rumors about a mid-range Google Pixel phone floating about for a while but there was nothing to base those rumors on, until today.

Russian website Rozketed somehow got their hands on what looks like the mid-range Pixel device and showed it to the world.

The device is not very different from the Pixel 3 as far as the design goes, though it does look like it will come with a plastic back instead of a glass one and it will also feature a 3.5mm headphone jack as well.

On the back, we can see a camera which reportedly is a 12 MP one, while the selfie snapper is an 8MP, again, the same as the Pixel 3, with the exception that we will only find one front camera on the mid-range phone, instead of the two present on the flagship version.

The report states that the phone has a 5.56 inch full HD display and that it will be powered up by a Snapdragon 670 alongside 4GB RAM with a 2,915mAh battery.

This device is expected to cost somewhere around $400 to $500 but again, we have to keep in mind that Google has not yet confirmed the leaked phone is the real deal or even that a mid-range Pixel was in the making, so take these photos with a pinch of salt.

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