Amazfit T-Rex, Maybe the Toughest Smartwatch We’ll See This Year

Smartwatches surrounded us at Vegas last week, catching our attention with colors, features and wacky accessories. There were even companies focused just on creating the perfect watch face for you! Among all of them, Amazfit stood out again. Their Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch is – dare I say – unbreakable?! Even better, it has the smarts and the price to convince even the pickiest user to try it out.

In fact, Amazfit T-Rex was such a pleasant surprise that it won one of our special Best of CES 2020 award (see more about that in the video above).

What’s so special about it?

First of all, the military grade certifications. It’s one thing to create a rugged smartwatch and another to obtain the toughest wrist gadget around. T-Rex has proven its toughness in environments with 70 degrees Celsius and – 40 degrees Celsius temperatures, going from heat waves to extreme cold weather without a hitch.

You can safely take it from a hike in Death Valley to rock climbing in the Denali National Park, which is saying something. It will withstand 240 hours in humidity and 96 hours in salt, acid and alkali environments, meaning you can take it safely on your trips in the most humid parts of the world.

Then, the long battery life. Amazfit smartwatches are known for their impressive long working hours and T-Rex is no exception. You can use it 20 hours with GPS on and 20 days in normal daily use. If you’re nowhere near a plug and are willing to ditch its smart functions for its basic use as a watch, pay attention to this: T-Rex has a guaranteed 66 days battery life!

Besides all of that, this product struck us as a really powerful fitness tracker. You can count on 5ATM resistance, PPG bio-tracking with all day heart rate monitoring and 14 sport modes. There’s a handy sedentary reminder too, although something tells me the owner of such a watch doesn’t go a day without some type of exercise (outdoor or indoor)!

As for its smarts, all smartphone notifications go right there, displayed on a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen. To see an alarm, event or call missed, you can simply raise your wrist. There are two metallic buttons on the side for easy control and I love that the band is sweat-permeable!

All in all, the Amazfit T-Rex weighs 58 grams and has GPS, GLONASS and compass for secure navigation. Is it any wonder it’s made our Best of CES 2020 selection in the Wearables category?

This is one of several products that have won a TechTheLead Award, after being carefully selected by our editorial staff from all registered entries. Special Awards have been given to products and companies that the editorial staff hand-picked for their outstanding features.  The TechTheLead Awards go to products/companies that embody at least one of the following criteria: most innovative features, most compelling use cases, best price versus quality ratio, best user experience, most positive impact for user and society.   

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Manny

    January 18, 2020 at 12:50 am

    Any idea when the watch will be available for purchase?

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