Beyond Uncanny: Samsung Debuts Neon Artificial Humans That Look and Act Like Real People

Samsung found one way to avoid the Uncanny Valley effect of androids that kind of look human but something seems extremely off.

Meet the virtual artificial humans called Neons.

These Neons were created by Neon, a company that came from Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research Labs (Star Labs).

Presented at CES 2020, the Neons seem to have a lot of limitations, if you can call them that.

They are not carbon copies of existing humans, each one is unique in looks and personality, and they do not know everything like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Actually, Neon was quick to highlight that these are not AI assistants.

neon artificial humans lineup ces 2020

“Neons are more like us, an independent but virtual living being, who can show emotions and learn from experiences. Unlike AI assistants, Neons do not know it all, and they are not an interface to the Internet to ask for weather updates or to play your favorite music,” said the company.

What do they do, then?

Well, according to their makers, act pretty much human.

They can learn skills, acquire memories and have conversations with humans, behaving according to their individual personality.

Neons could work as teachers, health-care providers, concierges or actors, as they can “goal-oriented tasks or can be personalized to assist in tasks that require human touch.”

neon artificial humans ces 2020 samsung

In the press release, Pranav Mistry, the CEO of Neon and the head of STAR Labs, said that “”Neons will be our friends, collaborators and companions, continually learning, evolving and forming memories from their interactions.”

The company was quick to underline that Neon is “NOT about Bixby” in a Twitter teaser before Christmas which sounds good to us.

Not only was Bixby a bit annoying but we wouldn’t want to see this tech working amazing quite so early.

After all, it was 2049 in the second Blade Runner and you saw what happened to the lovely Joi the virtual companion of the main character!

We’ll make our way to the booth to see exactly how the Neon artificial humans behave though stay tuned, there could be some surprises.

The company has warned that “scenarios shown at our CES Booth and in our promotional content are fictionalized and simulated for illustrative purposes only.”

Does this mean the images above aren’t representative of the tech as it is now?

We’ll soon see!

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