[First Impressions] Neon’s Vision For AI Humanoid Offers Glimpse at Artificial Companionship

the boundaries of what we think is intelligent. As VP of Research, Consumer Technology Association, Steve Koenig stated in his “CES 2020 Trends to Watch” summit: IOT is shifting from “Internet of Things” to “Intelligence of Things.” Introducing their artificial intelligent human simulations, Neon presented a vision of what intelligence could look like in the future.

Neon’s vision for AI simulations expands beyond the limitations of smart assistants. Traditional smart assistants are founded on making life easier through task completion and hands-free responses. For example, if one wanted to know the weather, the smart assistant would be able to provide that information.

Neon’s AI human projections, however, are not programmed to complete tasks or a catalogue of information. Instead, they are focused on being a human companion. Each will have its own personality and look. Additionally, they can be customized based on what you might want or need. For example, the Neons showcased were based on profession, with each designed to match the look, feel and needs for the working professional. Each Neon is said to be rendered frame by frame, meaning each moment and interaction will be unique and not predetermined.

Unfortunately, representatives at Neon noted that the product is far from complete. Although supported by Samsung, the company is still looking to create partnerships with other companies to advance the development of Neon’s work.

For now, Neon’s prototype focused more on laying the groundwork for what’s to come: an AI human simulation that acts more like a companion than a smart assistant.

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