Amazing Eye Case Adds Android Smartphone to Your iPhone

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iOS or Android? This is the question that can start Internet wars nowadays. Choosing a side condemns you to defend a mobile system and its advantages over and over again. But why choose a side at all? This amazing case from ESTI called Eye adds an Android phone (with most of its privileges) on the back of your iPhone #mobilemagic

Startup ESTI Inc. went on Kickstarter with a product that has raised double the amount asked by the company with 31 days still to go. Curious? The gadget that more than one thousand people want to have is a smart case for iPhone 6 and 7 series that turns it into an Android device. It’s not so much an overlap as an addition, given the fact that the Android 7.1 Nougat OS will work on the back of the iPhone.

All of a sudden, you’ll have everything that you love about the iPhone with the perks of Android. This includes the ability to customize icons, home and lock screen as well as move files to your computer in a heartbeat. The LCD screen of the iPhone will even be replaced with a better technology, a 5-inches FHD AMOLED display. The wireless charging feature that’s missing from the latest iPhone devices will be added with a special tag for Qi tech. Battery life is going to be increased also thanks to a 2800mAh cell hidden inside the Eye, next to the motherboard.

ESTI has also thought about the SIM slots Android users have come to expect from their devices, absent on iPhones. So Eye comes with two extra slots if you have three operational numbers. Moreover, they include a SD card slot so you can expand the memory of the device and put most of your media on Eye. Other popular Android features such as NFC and headphone jacks (that went off with the last iPhone handsets) are supported by Eye. So, if you have the latest iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and miss the old headphone jack, Eye can help you by taking the sound from the mobile phone through its Lightning port.

An unexpected effect of the Eye design is the capability of using the rear camera as a selfie shooter. Pretty amazing, right? Get one at super early bird from $95 here. The retail price of the multi-functional case will be $189.

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