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Amazon Alexa Now Lets Users Share Their Routines

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AI assistants are becoming gradually smarter and tech companies are continuously developing features to meet users’ needs. Nothing to be scared about though, AI is not taking over humanity. At least not yet.

Alexa Routines has been around for a while, and unlike Google Assistant’s same feature, users can now share their routines. Amazon says Routines is a very popular feature among Alexa users, that’s why it decided to allow them to share their routines.

How does Alexa Routines work? It’s fairly simple. For example, if you have an evening routine where you switch off the lights, lock the entrance door and switch on Netflix, you can set up Alexa to do that for you when you say “Goodnight Alexa”. Or for your morning routine, you can have Alexa read you the headlines, check the weather and switch on your coffee maker.

Now, Amazon made these routines shareable in the US. To share your routine, you just have to go to the Routines section in the Alexa app, then click on the routine you want to share to generate an URL. This URL can then be accessed by any Alexa user, which would then have to follow the on-screen instructions in the app to complete the setup. Some options that appear in yellow can be customized – like specifying which smart light you want to turn off or on, for instance.

You can even have Alexa sound more human-like when reading the news with this new feature:

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