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Amazon Echo 4th Gen and Echo Dots Rolling Out New Design

amazon echo 4th gen

Amazon’s anticipated fall event is here and so is the Amazon Echo 4th generation smart speaker.

Pry your eyes from the flying security cam Amazon just introduced (dear lord, home drones!) and focus on the other star of the show with its ballsy new looks.

Unlike 2 years ago, when Amazon revealed a lot of new Echo devices (seriously, there were a lot!) but nothing really broke the mold, this time we have a very different look for the 4th gen Echo.

The successor to the Echo plus is a ball, not a cylinder, and the newest Echo Dots are also balls, not hockey pucks (technically flattened balls, in a way?).

echo dot 4 kids edition amazon echo 4th gen amazon echo 4th gen smart speaker alexa

But let’s look under the hood of the flagship, because there is a new processor which will make Alexa queries faster than ever. 

The 4th gen Echo has all the features of the Echo Plus but the previous model could only respond to what you told it only after uploading your commands and processing them in the cloud. 

The AZ1 Neural Edge silicone module will now process your voice commands locally, then send them to the cloud, which should make Alexa’s replies a lot faster. 

Considering it keeps the same $100 price tag, buying one should be a no brainer if you want the flagship device. 

If you’re not ready to part with your existing smart home hub yet but still want to get the ball rolling towards the new gadgets, the $50 or $60 Echo Dots might do the trick. 

Again, Amazon kept the same price and changed the design. 

Say goodbye to hockey pucks, welcome the balls! 

echo dot with clock 4th gen blue

Whether you choose the $50 Echo Dot 4th gen or the $60 Echo Dot with clock, the tiny smart speakers will definitely stand out in the room thanks to their design. 

Even the Echo Dot with clock Kids Edition is undeniably cute.

echo dot 4 kids edition

Amazon’s new speakers go on sale starting October 22nd but pre-orders are open.

Make sure you don’t miss the significant discount if you buy two of them!

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