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Amazon Echo Spot Is On Sale… But You Can’t Have It

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In time for Christmas, Amazon released Echo Spot, a smaller, clock-shaped Echo Show. The price is very convenient so we’d advice you to hurry up and grab one to surprise a friend or your partner, only… you can’t have it yet. #objectmagic

As it turns out, Echo Spot went on sale yesterday and before we knew it, it sold out. Yep, the smart speaker is already out of stock. Sure, you can order one still but don’t expect it to arrive sooner than December 27 – the black version, at least. The white model won’t be restocked until January 5, 2018. It’s a pity really, because at $129, the Alexa-enabled speaker with display is everything you might want and what Google is probably working on now.

The futuristic-looking talking clock shows the time, naturally, but it also reminds you of upcoming events and pushes notifications. Since it has a 2.5-inch touchscreen display, of course you can use it to make and receive video calls. If you’ve already installed compatible security cameras in your house, then you can tune in to see what’s going on or what’s your dog up to. Typical for an Amazon device, Spot can buy things for you via Amazon and run Alexa skills.

What’s more, it’s easy to connect to external speakers through Bluetooth or by using the audio jack it comes with. So, it’s ideal to watch clips, too, but we’re warning you – it doesn’t stream from YouTube, just Prime Video or Twitch. The audio is clear and sharp, more powerful than the one Dot sends out.

To install it, you plug it in and enter your Amazon credentials after booting up. To wake it up, you have to simply say “Alexa” or other word established in Settings. The rest is up to you but don’t worry: the interface is extremely intuitive so you won’t have trouble giving Alexa tasks.


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