Amazon Is Aiming for Larger Cashierless Supermarkets in 2020

Amazon Is Aiming for Larger Cashierless Supermarkets in 2020

Image source: The Verge

A recent report by Bloomberg shows Amazon is looking forward to expanding its cashierless store format in 2020 by opening larger supermarkets and smaller pop-up stores and even presents interest in licensing the technology to other retailers. 

Amazon Go technology provides a shopping experience minus the checkout lines and it was initially meant to design large-scale cashierless supermarkets

Today, the project came up to be summed up of smaller spaces (around 2,000 square feet), offering day-to-day fresh goods like sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.

A larger space of around 10,400 square feet in size from Seattle is on the table, according to a GeekWire report.

Although very appreciated by customers, the retail analysts are skeptical because of the costs of the Go technology, which integrates an array of cameras and software which identifies what shoppers have chosen and automatically charges them.

“The big question isn’t will the tech work—Amazon will make it work,” says Brendan Witcher, responsible for tracking retail and consumer behavior at Forrester Research. “The question will be, ‘Will it work for a consumer, will they see this way of shopping as valuable?’” 

By now, Amazon has opened 21 stores in locations like Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, with three more in the works.

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