Amazon's Just Walk Out Comes to the Suburbs

Amazon’s Just Walk Out Comes to the Suburbs


Today, Amazon announced that new technology will soon become available to its customers in the US, which comes in handy especially for those working from home.
The company is bringing its cashier-less Just Walk Out technology to a new format of stores aimed at suburbs. At the core, they’re convenience stores and are meant mainly for those who are spending more time in the surroundings of their homes rather near city-based offices.

Under the Amazon Go branding, the new stores will be situated in not that central areas and will provide customers with food, snacks, alcohol, and other everyday goods.

Just like its other Just Walk Out stores the customers will be able to take a trip to the store, pick up their products and leave without having to interact with a cashier.

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Amazon’s Just Walk Out Comes to the Suburbs
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