Among Us Collector’s Edition Box Sets To Release

Among Us Collector’s Edition Box Sets To Release

PC: Innersloth

Among Us is getting three collector edition box sets published by Maximum Games.

The three sets – Crewmate Edition, Imposter Edition, and Ejected Edition – all featured physical versions of Among Us for PS4, PS5, Xbox, and the Switch with a bunch of extra goodies attached.

The Ejected Edition, will all available items from the three sets. PC: Innersloth & Maximum Games

These goodies include stickers, maps, downloadable wall papers, a lanyard, a plushie, a fleece blanket, and more. The Crewmate Edition has the least amount of additional items, with each successive one adding a few more.

Among Us started as a PC and mobile game but moved its way to consoles as its fanbase grew. Given that console, more than PC of mobile, is amenable to physical gaming, its perhaps no surprise that these collector’s edition physical launches are coming out.

While these are not the first such physical editions of the game (Limited Run Games has published version of the game before), these editions seem much more oriented toward collectors and serious fans of the games with the plushies, stickers, and more.

Pricing starts at $29.99 for the Crewmate Edition and goes up to $89.99 for the Ejected Edition. The release date is set for December 31st, 2021 but it is unclear if this is the actual release date or a placeholder day.

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Among Us Collector’s Edition Box Sets To Release
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