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Antelope Total Fitness Smart Suit Launches During Olympic Games

Last year, a smart suit with embedded electrodes was funded 835% on IndieGogo from fans all over the world. This summer, the heavily sponsored Antelope suit is finally launching during Olympic Games in Rio #objectmagic

In case you hadn’t heard about it before, Antelope is a full suit that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to help you get double the workout during a gym session (or at least one round, while going for a walk). Electrodes are embedded in the special compression fabric, stimulating all the essential muscle groups. Of course, that doesn’t happen until you set a fitness schedule on the companion mobile app that communicates with a water resistant Booster (the machine that gives the electronic impulses).

The company says that you can get the results after a 3 hours workout routine in just 20 minutes – that’s hard to believe, especially since the tech relies on your normal workout schedule. Wear it during grueling exercises and the facts might be true; put it on while walking the dog aaand we’re not convinced you’re going to feel the same burn.

If you want to test it, know that a full suit is $1349 but you can get just a part of it. If you need core muscle, decide for a tank top, but if you’re more focused on getting toned glutes and quads make sure you get the shorts. You can also opt for calf wraps if you’re a runner.

With the official launch in August, the first batch of items will probably be shipped in September. Find out more about the product on IndieGogo. 

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