Upgraded Moment App Gives Your Phone a ‘DSLR Shooting Experience’

Credit: Moment

Moment just upgraded its smartphone camera app. Coupled with the company’s cases and quality lenses, the app promises to bring a “DSLR shooting experience” to your phone.

The upgraded app features more shooting options and stability improvements as well as full manual controls.

The manual control is probably the best part because it puts all the important adjustments just within reach as you shoot – stuff like ISO, shutter speed, image format and focus are easily controlled with sliders.

By double-tapping the screen you can separate focus and exposure which will allow you to shoot in different environments.

On iOS devices, the Pro Camera turns the app shutter button into a dual-stage shutter, with the help of Apple’s 3D Touch technology. By half pressing it, you lock focus and exposure, while a full-on press triggers exposure.

The Pro Camera shoots RAW but it can also capture formats like HEIF, HEVC and TIFF alongside the ever faithful JPG.

The app includes features for precise video control, Live Histogram and DSLR metadata.

The Moment app can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store as well as from the Google Play store. The app is free but you will have to pay $3 on iOS and $2 on Android in order to access the Pro features.

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