Apple Card Won’t Allow Jailbreaking or Cryptocurrency Purchases

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More details about the Apple Card are now available and they reveal at least one remarkable restriction.

The card’s customer agreement was posted on creditor Goldman Sachs’ website this afternoon and says that the Apple Card will be ruthless when dealing with a jailbroken iPhone.

Reuters reports that the Apple Card will not allow the purchase of cash advances and cash equivalents. Cryptocurrencies, casino chips, and lottery tickets are also included, which is not usual.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are not against cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin and other digital tokens are pro cash equivalents.

Users will encounter difficulties using the Apple Card on a jailbroken iPhone, as they must sign up for the card to be approved via the Wallet app on iOS. Also, according to the agreement the device must be “eligible” to qualify. Basically, users will lose the ability to both “access” and “manage” their account if they jailbreak the device:

If you make unauthorized modifications to your Eligible Device, such as by disabling hardware or software controls (for example, through a process sometimes referred to as “jailbreaking”), your Eligible Device may no longer be eligible to access or manage your account. You acknowledge that use of a modified Eligible Device in connection with your Account is expressly prohibited, constitutes a violation of this Agreement, and could result in our denying or limiting your access to or closing your Account as well as any other remedies available to us under this Agreement.

The Apple Card is part of the company’s attempt to create an ecosystem of products and offer financial services and is supposed to arrive this month. Users that were hoping to use Apple Card to make purchases on credit might be a bit disappointed.

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