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Apple is Allegedly Working On An App That Will Track Any User Items


It looks like Apple is working on an app codenamed “Green Torch“, which will be an updated version of the Find My iPhone app, with a twist.

According to sources that are familiar with its development, Apple is currently in the testing phase with the app, which will be available on both iOS and macOS as a Marzipan app.

Green Torch will be able to find a number of user devices, including their family’s devices but Apple will give the users the benefit of being able to track any item they lost, misplaced or has been stolen.

The company is working on a product known only under the name of “B389”, which will reportedly be a tag that the users can attach to any item. This tag will allow the users to receive notifications if their device is too far away, which will stop them from forgetting it.

The users can also put certain locations on a list of ‘ignored locations’, this way the item can be left at home or in the car without the user having to deal with constant notifications.

The tag will also store the user’s contact information – if the tag is put into ‘lost mode’, it can be read by any Apple device and will send a notification to the owner if it is found.

For now, this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as Apple has not released any news about this sort of an app or device yet. If it will be released, we’ll most likely hear more about it in the months preceding September, when Apple is usually releasing new iPhones.

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