Apple is Now Mapping San Francisco On Foot

Apple is Now Mapping San Francisco On Foot


Back in June, Apple said that they are working towards replacing their third party mapping data with their own Apple maps and, aside from the Apple Maps minivans seen driving around here and there, people are now reporting Apple Maps employees who have taken to the streets in San Francisco.

Apparently, they carry big backpacks that are equipped with LIDAR sensors, cameras and GPS transmitters.

Credit: Dante Cesa

There has been some discussion about using drones to deliver real-time information a while ago but that idea was quickly stifled by bureaucracy and the weight of the legislation. Even so, Apple’s idea of combining the efforts of both minivans and people will most likely make a difference to Apple Maps.

Most people still use Google Maps to find their way around so it will be interesting to see if, by using on-foot mapping, the improvements for Apple Maps will finally bring some competition to Google Maps’ table.

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