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Apple Is Reportedly Developing New iPad Pro Design for 2022

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According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new iPad Pro design coming in 2022.

Apparently, the upcoming iPad Pro would integrate a glass back to enable wireless charging, which would be a premiere. The glass back design style would be a nice change and would complement Apple’s recent iPhone design concept. However, the new iPad Pro is still in early development as plans could “change or be canceled before next year’s launch.” 

The same report hints the company is also testing reverse wireless charging support which would work for other devices as well.

The current design of the iPad Pro was introduced in 2018 and since then, the devices hadn’t received a significant redesign or any breakthrough feature.

If the glass back is implemented, it would make both wireless charging and reverse wireless charging possible. As far as the wireless charging support, the iPad Pro would be placed on a charging facade. 

As for the reverse wireless charging, this new feature would mean would be a real premiere, allowing users to set a wireless charging-compatible device on the back of the iPad Pro to recharge it, through power-sharing between the two of them.


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Apple Is Reportedly Developing New iPad Pro Design for 2022
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