Apple Could Issue Rebates For Users That Bought iPhone Battery Replacements


2017 ended on a bitter note for Apple. The manufacturer came under fire for intentionally slowing down iPhones as batteries wore down. The Korean FCC actually demanded an explanation from the tech giant for its suspicious behavior, given that uses weren’t aware of its practice. Now, a U.S. senator reopened the wound making valid inquiries to which, finally, Apple responded. It seems that they are considering giving rebates to those customers who were forced to buy full-price battery replacements due to their internal decisions #mobilemagic

Senator Thune, who leads the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, wrote to Apple in regards of the 2017 scandal on iPhone performance and batteries. The answers to his questions revealed that Apple is considering offering rebates to those who paid the full, non-discounted price for a replacement battery given the decreased performance of their iPhones.

Also, the company commented on their intention to apply similar practices in the future. Although there has always been basic performance management tools at work, the latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are shipped with “hardware updates” that should do a better job at “anticipating and avoiding the unexpected shutdowns that plagued older iPhones”.

That suggest Apple will refrain from doing the same things that sparked outrage last year.

The company was evasive when it came to the number of complaints received since the news broke or how it has dealt with it. The rest of responses can be seen here, in full.

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