Apple Leaks Suggest a New, Smaller Macbook Air and Tease Macbook Prices
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Apple Leaks Suggest a New, Smaller Macbook Air and Tease Macbook Prices

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We still have some months until October, when Apple will reveal its new ultrabooks, including a new ARM-powered one. Yet, a recent filing and a Twitter post are already pointing to some intriguing specs and exciting prices.

A filing with authorities in China (3C) and Denmark (UL Demko) showed that a device with a 49.9 watt-hour battery is in the pipeline. Given the fact that Apple is the trademark owner, it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that a machine with that battery power is coming this fall.

Now, since there’s already a MacBook Air with that kind of battery out there, the 13-inch model more specifically, you could assume Apple is getting ready to release a refreshed MacBook Air.

But the release coincides with the debut of Apple and ARM’s new machines, so it’s likely that this MacBook is also the one to feature an ARM chip.

Meanwhile, a leakster reported some curious prices for the MacBooks coming this year:

If we take these supposed prices into account (though they’re estimates, not fixed ones), then we could speculate that the new MacBook will not only be lightweight and powered by ARM but also … smaller than the rest of the models?

After all, at $799, the ARM MacBook will be $200 cheaper than the current 13-inch MacBook Air.

So, do you think the size could play a role when it comes to pricing?

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