Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: What You’ll Love About It

Next Wednesday, we’re in for a treat: Samsung is doing its annual summer reveal and this time, we’ll have five gadgets to check out, including the Galaxy Watch 3, which will be drastically different from the Watch Active.

While the Watch Active showed Samsung can do sleeker designs without giving in to peer pressure and go rectangular, it also… disappointed. The trademark rotating bezel was out, taking out some of the watch’s originality. 

Well, Samsung changed their mind this year. The Galaxy Watch 3 will let you go through apps and features by rotating the crown left and right. 

And that’s not all; as much as we appreciate the comeback, we’re actually more excited about the new gesture controls.

Granted, gesture controls have been hit and miss with phones but on a smartwatch, they make total sense. We’re talking about a device that sits on your wrist at all times, after all.

So what can you do without rotating the bezels or pushing the buttons? Silence alarms and annoying calls with just a simple twist of your wrist. Natural and convenient, I’d say. 

And when you want to snap a photo, record a video or, why not, take a call, you simply clench and unclench your fist. Obviously, it’s up to you to associate that gesture with one of the three actions. This feels intuitive and makes total sense. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 really feels like a mature smartwatch. After a lot of trial and error, Samsung has finally found users’ sweet spot, a user experience that caters to anyone and everyone: buttons, rotating bezel, hand gestures. 

And I could see this idea carried on throughout the product. First, you’ve got two sizes to choose from – a 45mm with a 1.4-inch display and a 41mm with a 1.2-inch display for smaller wrists. There are LTE and Wi-Fi options depending on how much you use it day by day. 

Storage and memory should be enough in all the situations you can think of. You’ve got 1GB of RAM and 8 of storage with a 340mAh battery on the bigger model. 

Water resistance is nothing new – you can take it underwater up to 50m for 10 minutes. Heart rate and ECG monitoring are in, as well as blood pressure this time around.

It also offers female health-tracking and, happy to say, caffeine intake! That, right there, is what I should definitely measure (although I’m kinda scared of the results :))

Good news for those who hate getting stuck in a rut: there’s a lot of customization to be done.

Watch the video above to get all the details!

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