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Apple, Surpassed By Xiaomi In Wearable Sales

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Apple’s wearable partnership with Nike, Hermes and AR content didn’t do much to help their sales this year. Apple has fallen on the fourth place in top 5 world’s wearable providers, with Xiaomi taking its previous place #objectmagic

The company’s smartwatch sales are down 71 percent as opposed to the ones from Q3 one year ago. Apple sold only 1.1 million Apple Watches in this period of time, retaining 4.9% of the market. That means the company dropped two places in one year, losing its title as the second biggest wearable vendor in the world.

That position was taken by Xiaomi, with 16.5% of the market, while Garmin settled in third place, with 5.7%. The last place in top 5 is occupied by Samsung while the first belongs to Fitbit. Yes, the company that recently acquired Pebble, has become a favorite of users, probably for its mix of simplicity and good price. Smartwatches are now being replaced with fitness trackers at most customers’ wrists, revealing a preference for the traditional watch, on one hand, and few tracking functions, on the other hand.

Apple’s misfortune is owed to its late release of Watch 2 and the current market trends, believes IDC research analyst Jitesh Ubrani. 

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