Apple vs. Qualcomm: Companies To Sever All Ties


It looks like whatever negotiations Apple and Qualcomm have attempted in order to settle their disagreements have come to no fruition.

Last year, Apple sued Qualcomm for no less than $1 billion for overcharging for their patents, which, Apple says, Qualcomm cannot charge for. Ever since then, the two companies have been firing shots at each other for every small thing they could, with Qualcomm ending up stating that it’s Apple who owes the company $7 billion in unpaid royalty payments.

Eventually, there was word that Apple and Qualcomm were on the edge of an agreement but if that was really true at any point, we don’t know – Apple maintains to this day that, during all that in-between time the two companies had not met for months.

It seems like, in the end Apple and Qualcomm have had enough of each other: according to the San Diego Tribune, both of them will be bringing in all their luggage into a new trial set to begin on April 15th, 2019.

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