Microsoft Plans To Redesign All Windows 10 Icons

Microsoft Plans To Redesign All Windows 10 Icons


Microsoft has redesigned its Office suite icons a while ago but it doesn’t seem like that was the only change it had in mind.

According to Jon Friedman, Head of Microsoft Office design, his team has built a solid foundation with the Office icons, which they plan to use in order to spread the redesign across Windows.

The image below, posted by Friedman on Medium, shows a mockup of how the modern icons might look on the modernized Windows 10.

We can spot some upgraded icons for the new, mail and built-in apps and, though the design is open to change, we have to say we really like it.

Microsoft has been making efforts through the years to modernize the Windows look but even today, you can still find icons that have been around for over a decade, if you dig deep enough.

The company’s current design efforts might be what’s needed to rid us of some icons that look out of place in our modern setting but we do admit, for the sake of nostalgia, we’ll miss some of them.

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