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Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat Enters Production


There’s been rumors about Apple’s AirPower floating around since a while ago and, though the company has mostly kept silent about the fate of the device, a new report released by ChargerLab states that manufacturer Luxshare Precision (which is normally responsible for the AirPods and USB-C cables) is actually already working on it.

According to ChargerLab, a ‘credible source’ has been informing them about the product’s development and their tweet includes a screenshot of the presumed conversation.

The AirPower charging mat was initially announced back in September 2017 when Apple only stated that it will eventually release it in 2018, but didn’t offer an exact date, or the price the company would attach to it.

After that, it was mostly radio silence – after a rumored release date of March 2018 came and went, Apple didn’t release any new details or news about the device.

Of course, we have to take ChargerLab‘s tweet with a grain of salt at the moment – the AirPower has been delayed by an entire year and rumors have often circulated that the prototypes have proven to be faulty.

So, while this would be great news for Apple users, it’s only fair we advise you not to get your hopes up just yet, at least not until Apple itself makes an official announcement.

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