Lime Pulls Out Glitchy Scooters in Switzerland Following Injuries


On-demand electric scooters have slowly been gaining traction in Europe but Lime, one of the most well-known electric scooter companies of the moment has been forced to halt its operations in Switzerland after a number of their scooters have been glitching.

A number of reports have been released in the media about how the scooters have apparently stopped mid-ride, throwing the passengers off and sometimes even injuring them.

Though none of the injuries have been life-threatening, riders have reported broken elbows, dislocated shoulders as well as cuts and bruises.

These reports come just as Lime has been trying to expand its business and has made its presence known in a few other European cities in 2018 but, even so, the company has been recalling its scooters from Basel and Zurich and has ensured the public that it will deal with the software glitch as soon as possible.

In order to make up for the trouble, the company is offering its users a 15 minute credit that they can use once the service will be up and running again.

Considering Lime has had very big ambitions about expanding throughout Europe, this might prove to be a big hurdle for it to jump over, considering that it might need to campaign even harder than before in order to convince the public that their scooters are safe to ride and are worth of hiring over public transportation services or opting for a bicycle.

At the moment, Lime has not released an official date when it expects its service to be restored.

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