Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program To Expand

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program To Expand

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program has turned things around for consumers who had difficulties when trying to independently repair Apple products. Apple Authorized Service Providers scheme has been around for about 32 years already, but joining it has been both expensive and quite complicated. 

Recently, the Giant announced the expansion of the program to Canada and 32 countries across Europe. Since its USA launch, last year, the program has supported 140 businesses with a total of 700 locations.

The new scheme was created to allow more people to join as well as third-party shops that offer out-of-warranty iPhone repairs, as long as they perform the repairs in accordance to Apple’s demands.

When businesses sign up for the Independent Repair Provider Program they receive the same parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostic tools at those who are part of the Apple Authorized Service Providers scheme. 

Though joining is free, the requirements that have to be met to join the program have been listed here and people are being pretty critical about it.

Currently, there are 5,000 AASPs worldwide, and the company tripled the number of locations available in the US in the last year only.

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