Apple's iPhone USB-C Charger Could Be Real According To Leaked Photos

Apple’s iPhone USB-C Charger Could Be Real According To Leaked Photos

apple USB-C charger
Credit: Chongdiantou

Recently, photos have surfaced showing what looks like a prototype of an Apple 18W USB-C charger on Chinese site Chongdiantou. They photos were supposedly taken by someone working in Apple’s supply chain.

Everyone is a little excited because the cable that comes with the new iPhone does not plug into a MacBook Pro without a dongle and Apple still relies on its Lightning connector for the iPhone and iPad lines. Oh, and the chargers Apple ships them with don’t support fast charging, so the excitement is understandable.


If it does prove to be true, it would mark a shift in the iPhone’s wall charger, which works fine, but does not charge at the fastest possible speed it could be charging.

Though it is possible the next fall iPhones would have USB-C connectors, there is also a much higher chance they will ship with a USB-C-to-Lightning adapter cable.

Until then, we wait, and -for the Apple lovers out there – hope.

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