Apple’s Staff Includes a Full-Time Philosopher and We’re Not Surprised


The giant manufacturer can probably afford just about anything, so why not a philosopher?!

Joshua Cohen was hired in 2014 at Apple University, as a full-time philosopher. His main job is training the company’s employees.
Before accepting Apple’s offer, he was a political philosophy professor at Stanford University, so his education is pretty solid, as expected.

The philosopher, however, couldn’t reveal much about the goal of his training sessions for Apple, as, according to Quartz, he needs to get permission from the company’s press department before getting into any details. The permission is not easy to achieve, neither Cohen nor Apple having accepted to disclosure the philosopher’s work so far.

If there’s anything that could give us an idea about his job at Apple, are the lectures he occasionally runs.

During a lecture in Toronto, he explored the idea of how pianist Glenn Gould could improve his creative process with technology. According to a music-centric website ludwig-van.com, the philosopher gives similar speeches to the employees as well.

However, is not surprising that Apple’s University work is constantly kept a secret, since the company’s strict control has manifested several times over the years. For example, very few employees agreed to be interviewed by the New York Times in 2014 and then it was only anonymous.

Quartz’s report highlights the fact that Apple University puts a bigger trend on the map, encouraging academics to choose a corporate setting rather than jobs at public universities.

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