New Adobe Illustrator Feature Can Easily Create A Perfect Instagram Décor

Adobe Illustrator Sneak at OFFF Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe was present at the OFFF festival in Barcelona and wowed attendees with a sneak peek at a new Adobe Illustrator feature.

Adobe called the feature a “sneak,” an experimental feature that hasn’t yet reached production. In any case, the sneak peek shows a way to create perfect Instagram walls or decors.

Demoing tile, Adobe shows just how easily Illustrator would let designers experiment with color palettes. They will be able to bring the color palettes from real life photos and easily use those to change existing drawings and patterns.

It looks so convenient and easy to do, those designers are probably hoping that Adobe will soon integrate this tool into the next versions of Illustrator. They’re probably also joined by legions of professional Instagrammers hoping to get a lot more mileage from their photoshoots with tile patterns and quirky wall badckdrops.

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