Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Will Have Over 1,000 Km of Battery Range


Back in November 2017, Elon Musk shocked the electric car industry with the launch of the next-generation Tesla Roadster. He revealed that the supercar exceeds 620 miles per charge, meaning 1,000 kilometers between charges.

Now, rumor has it that the next-generation Tesla Roadster will be even more potent, as Elon himself confessed via a Twitter post. Apparently, the range of the new supercar will go “above 1,000 km.”

Since introducing the next-gen vehicle, Tesla constantly invested in innovation and directed their efforts towards its battery technology. It seems that the company’s batteries are constantly improving, according to Tesla Automotive President Jerome Guillen.

These significant improvements could be seen in the updates for flagship vehicles – Model S and Model X. Better charging speeds, as well as adaptive suspension, were the most relevant changes, not to mention the increased range despite keeping the same size for their battery packs.

Therefore, the 100 kWh variants of the Model S feature 370 miles of range per charge now. The other flagship, Model X, has 325 miles of range.

The increase in range for the next-gen Roadster will set Tesla apart from the others, considering that most supercars are far from being fuel-efficiency. Think about the Lamborghini Aventador – that car has a range of approximately 428.4 miles on the highway and 261.8 miles in the city on a full tank.

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