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Apple’s Upcoming Smartwatch Might Feature Sleep Tracking App


The Apple Watch was launched in 2015 and, since then, the company has worked hard on improving not only its abilities as a fitness wearable but also as a health device. With that in mind, there is one feature that has been missing from the Apple Watch list: sleep tracking.

But it seems like that won’t last for too long: according to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is currently testing a sleep monitoring feature that it will implement into one of its future smartwatches.

By the sound of it, it looks like the tests have been going on for quite some time and that the company has done its best to keep them secret. The tests have been happening at various sites around the Cupertino headquarters.

Apple, according to Bloomberg’s sources, plans to implement the feature to its 2020 Apple Watch, if the tests are successful. Before Apple launches any health-related features, the company always tests the apps in-house on exercise equipment. That included its swim-tracking feature, which was tested at swimming pools on-site.

While you can track your sleeping habits on the Apple Watch by using third party apps, they have the bad habit of eating up a lot of battery.

With an in-house app, Apple will most likely fix that problem and keep up with rivals such as the Fitbit Versa, whose wearables feature sleep tracking apps and can last for a long time before their battery eventually runs out.

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