Are Hoverchairs The Next Big Thing? The New Segway S-Pod Thinks So

segway s-pod hover chair

Segway is a company that always seems to anticipate the future of mobility but, for various reasons, their products never really took off in the mainstream.

Now, the company is back with a new concept for mobility.

Meet the Segway S-Pod, a vehicle that could be called a hoverchair…or sort of a driverless rickshaw, if you’re feeling less than generous.

It kind of looks like the hoverchair from Wall-E but Segway says it was inspired by the transporting pods from the last Jurassic Park movie.

The Segway S-Pod fits two riders in it but don’t worry – you won’t have to lean to steer it, like on a regular segway. 

Instead, you’ll have a joystick and a navigation display to maneuver around town at 24 mph tops.

Right now, Segway didn’t release any more details about the S-Pod but don’t worry: we’re about to bring you everything you need to know.

The company will show off this new transportation method starting tomorrow, at CES 2020, and we’ll make our way there to check it out ASAP.

Hopefully, we’ll also be able to drive it around in the parking lot but, if that’s not available, perhaps we’ll at least find out how much one of these hoverchairs will cost.

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