First TCL 5G Smartphone Shows Up At CES Looking Stunning

TCL might not be known for smartphones but, based on those amazing concepts and looking at what the company has in store for 2020, that’s about to change.

The company is bringing a stunning lineup at CES 2020, which kicks off on January 7, and just introduced the TCL 10 smartphone series: TCL 10 Lite, TCL 10 Pro and TCL 10 5G.

That last model, pictured above, is actually the company’s first 5G smartphone, but that’s not the only premiere!

The TCL 10 Pro is the first to sport the TCL Edge AMOLED display, developed in partnership with the award-winning sister company that makes TV set, TCL CSOT, as well as a proprietary visual tech called NXTVision which promises to make the screen “come to life”.

We’ll see what that’s all about starting tomorrow, when we’ll make our way to TCL’s CES booth.

For now, let’s see how the TCL 10 smartphones look like.

All three devices have quad rear cameras arranged in a strip but, beyond the color schemes you can see, their specs are still not yet available.

The TCL 10L comes in silver and black/ navy options and has the selfie camera in a round cut-out to the side.

TCL 10L smartphone color schemes

The TCL 10 Pro instead has a teardrop notch and comes in a dark silvery or a metallic dark green option that looks pretty sleek.

TCL 10 Pro color schemes

Then, there’s the TCL 10 5G which, to really drive home the fact that it’s the first TCL 5G devices, looks stunning. 

Check out the gorgeous display with thin bezels and the blue geometric design on the back.


We can’t wait to actually see these devices in person, so stay tuned for our impressions in the next few days!


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