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Are You A Clumsy Phone User? These Six Things Are Must-Haves

Phones are probably the most important tool in this day and age – but what to do if you’re a clumsy phone user?

You probably know by now that clumsy people are slaves to their habits. You can’t do much to avoid being clumsy, especially if you’re too busy with day to day life or prone to daydreaming. Since you can’t really change your personality or luck, you have to focus on what’s under your control. Here’s six accessories for your phone that are essential if you don’t want an accident.

Impact-resistant screen guard

The display is the most delicate component of your phone machine. Small damage to the screen is not only costly to repair, but it can also permanently harm your phone’s functioning.

A screen guard will protect your display from shattering or scratches coming out of the events of clumsy dropping. The concept behind a screen protector isn’t just to avoid scratches – it actually absorbs the impact, diverting it from the actual glass display. Along with impact resistance, a screen guard also improves the aesthetics of your phone and protects the mobile screen from unasked specks of dirt.

Protective Phone Case

Being clumsy means phones sometimes drop from your hands and land on the ground with no outside influence. We understand your helplessness in the face of bad luck, but your phone won’t. 

Since your phone will not become immune to your accidental drops by itself, do consider a phone case. Yes, it hides the beautiful design but will also shield the phone’s whole body from external harm and guard it against any scratches or nicks that could occur on its surface.

Pop Socket

Had a Pop socket phase at one point and bought new pop sockets every week? Go back to that obsession, because pop sockets offer more than just attractive looks, fidgety access, and convenience. 

Pop sockets actually offer security, especially if you’re fond of juggling multiple things in your hands. Pop sockets make it simpler to hold your phone when you also have your keys, bag, water bottle and any other accessory you might have. They attach to the back of the mobile phone, extend, and contract to provide a solid grip – and prevent your phone from flying and hitting the pavement.

With PopSockets, the hand may relax while retaining a firm grip on the phone. Also, the fact that you can use the PopSocket as a stand to view movies and play games on your phone hands-free means less opportunity for knocking the phone off the table.

Power Bank

Your charger shouldn’t be your sole option for charging your phone battery, even when you’re not clumsy. You simply never know when a charger or cable might break, as they aren’t the most sturdy accessories. That’s why it is best to to be prepared with a backup plan to stay safe. Power banks are portable and excellent for charging your phone when you’re on the go or don’t have access to electricity. 

In addition, power banks have a large capacity, so you may use them to charge your phone repeatedly and remotely without recharging them. Powerbanks also include several charging connectors, allowing users to charge many gadgets at the same time.

Microfiber Cloth

An impact-resistant screen guard and protective phone case protect your mobile phone from hard damage. But soft things like sand or dust can harm it as well, especially when you’re not careful cleaning it.

You probably know that your phone’s screen is a breeding ground for germs and needs constant cleaning but be careful what you use on it. There’s no need to use heavy duty cleaners though, which could harm both the screen and chassis.  Microfibre cloths are extremely gentle and will gently clean dirt from your mobile device’s display. For pesky stains, a slightly dampened microfiber towel is the easiest, safest way to clean your equipment, followed by a little bit of cleaner spray.

Dust Plug

The portion of your phone that gets the least attention is usually the jack. In some instances, phone cases come with a jack cover. However, if you do not have such a cover, a dust plug is what you should acquire.

Dust plugs are tiny protector plugs designed to fit perfectly into a mobile jack to prevent the entry of sand, water, or dust – they’re essential at the beach!

Of course, all these things can keep your phone safe but, for the truly clumsy user, the best results will come from getting phone insurance. Along with a screen guard, phone case, and dust plug, choosing to insure your phone against theft can offer a lot of peace of mind. 

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Are You A Clumsy Phone User? These Six Things Are Must-Haves
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