Argon Transform is an AR Motorcycle Helmet Attachment that Helps Riders Stay Safe

Argon Transform is an AR Motorcycle Helmet Attachment that Helps Riders Stay Safe


Safety is the number one priority of any motorcycle rider out there and if there is any way we can make our rides safer, we’ll definitely look into it, so I was curious as to what this new AR attachment would bring to the table.

The Argon Transform is the brainchild of Singapore-based startup Whyre and the attachment should fit any bike helmet currently available on the market.

It all sounds pretty easy and straightforward: all the rider has to do is place the rear camera housing to the back of the helmet. The AR system should be placed on the front bottom part of the helmet. After that, all you have to do is pair the system up with your phone and you’re all set.

What you see can be controlled by a remote button which can even be attached somewhere on the bike’s handlebar.

The system comes with built-in GPS and will display navigational instructions too, thus eliminating the need for you to look at your phone while riding.

According to Whyre, a GPS version that will not use maps but arrows and numbers to guide you instead, will also become available. It has been tested with beta users and, allegedly, has been a success.

The Argon Transform can also play music for you and has an 180 degree rear camera to help keep you safe by eliminating blind spots and benefits from black box recording too.

The system is expected to come with a price tag of around $680, but there’s no exact details as to when and what its availability will be at the moment.

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