Arm-a-Dine Is a Robot Arm That Feeds You if You Deserve It

No one ever thought that humans needed augmented eating, especially nowadays, when binging is a hobby for most. However, researchers went there.

Meet the Arm-A-Dine, a robot arm designed to be worn on your chest and feed you. Yes, you read that right.

The idea behind it is deliciously fresh though because the Arm-A-Dine is not designed to let you be lazy. Instead, it encourages you to be social.

“From the study of Arm-A-Dine with 12 players, we articulate three design themes: Reduce bodily control during eating; Encourage savoring by drawing attention to sensory aspects during eating, and Encourage crossmodal sharing during eating to assist game designers and food practitioners in creating playful social eating experiences. We hope that our work inspires further explorations around food and play that consider all eating stages, ultimately contributing to our understanding of playful human-food interaction,” say the researchers.

Essentially, what they mean is that most studies and robots focus on how the food is made, not how it’s enjoyed alongside others. Paired with the Arm-A-Dine robot is a facial recognition app that looks at all the diners and decides who the robot will feed next. If your partner is smiling, they will be getting the next bite but, if they’re frowning, you get it. Pair that with an app like Tinder and you have the future of dinner dates.

Who knows, perhaps we’ll even see stuff like the Arm-A-Dine as a next-gen diet gadget, judging your plate when you go out and giving you just enough food so you don’t go over your calorie limit. Stranger things have happened.

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