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As ChatGPT Gets Paid Subscription, Microsoft Plans to Add Faster Version To Bing Very Soon

The same day OpenAI announced ChatGPT Plus, a subscription service starting at $20 per month, Microsoft announced they’re working to add the generative AI to their search engine, Bing.

The free ChatGPT service will still remain but the premium subscription, ChatGPT plus, guarantees access to the service even during peak times, when most people can’t get a response from ChatGPT, and faster response times. Right now, the ChatGPT Plus tier will only be available in the US – those from other regions have to sign up for a waitlist and wait for the service to expand. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also working on a faster version of ChatGPT that will be released in the following weeks.

The company is said to be deploying GPT-4, a faster version of ChatGPT, into its own search service, Bing, in a bid to make it more competitive with Google.

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After news that Google is firing on all cylinders to launch their own generative AI service to compete with and take advantage of the generative AI boom brought by OpenAI, Bing launching such a feature would probably help it gain some search market share back.

Right now, the only search engine to offer human-like responses is The search engine has a ChatGPT embedded into a chatbot that can give you search results in a more conversational manner.

Dubbed “The AI Search engine YOU control”,’s feature is a great way to explore what ChatGPT can do – especially if ChatGPT is always at capacity when you want to use it.

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As ChatGPT Gets Paid Subscription, Microsoft Plans to Add Faster Version To Bing Very Soon
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