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An AI-Generated Seinfeld Show “Endless, Forever” Has Been Running 24/7 On Twitch For the Past Few Weeks

Is AI coming for Jerry Seinfeld’s job? On Twitch, for the past few weeks, an AI-generated Seinfeld show has been running 24/7, taking inputs from viewers via chat.

The “Endless, Forever” AI-generated show debuted in mid-December with four cartoony, pixelated characters sitting around in an apartment and trading stories and jokes back and forth. The show is complete with camera changes, laugh tracks, Seinfeld on a stage holding the mike, outdoor shots of the NYC apartment building, and all the fixings of Seinfeld – only what you see on screen is completely automatic. It even has commercial breaks that look lifted straight from the early 90s!

Take a look at the AI Seinfeld show and you’ll be amazed just how far technology, especially generative AI, has gone. And yes, the dialogue is created by ChatGPT. Actually, it’s based on the previous OpenAI model, GPT-3. 

In an interview with Motherboard, Skyler Hartle, the co-creator of “Nothing, Forever,” explains how he was able to bring to life a show ran entirely by AI, with a few human inputs from Twitch viewers.

Hartle and his co-creator, Brian Habersberger, used a combination of machine learning, generative algorithms, and cloud services to build the show. Hartle told Motherboard that the dialogue is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model and that there is very little human moderation of the stream, outside of GPT-3’s built-in moderation filters. “Aside from the artwork and the laugh track you’ll hear, everything else is generative, including: dialogue, speech, direction (camera cuts, character focus, shot length, scene length, etc), character movement, and music,” one of the creators wrote in a Reddit comment. […] Hartle also said that unlike most television shows, “Nothing, Forever” is able to change based on people’s feedback that is received through the Twitch stream chat. “The show can effectively change and the narrative actually evolves based on the audience. One of the major factors that we’re thinking about is how do we get people involved in crafting the narrative so it becomes their own,” he said.

You can read more about “Endless, Forever” here and join the Twitch stream to watch live here.

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An AI-Generated Seinfeld Show “Endless, Forever” Has Been Running 24/7 On Twitch For the Past Few Weeks
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