ASUS Recruiting Android 12 Beta Testers For Zenfone 8 - How To Join

ASUS Recruiting Android 12 Beta Testers For Zenfone 8 – How To Join


If you own a Zenfone 8, you’re in luck: ASUS has announced this week that it is searching for beta testers to test Android 12 on their device. The new version will be available soon to the Zenfone 8 Beta Tester program participants. 

Interested parties must register during the recruitment phase, which will only be open between October 1st and 13th. 

According to the latest information, Google plans to release the final version of Android 12 as early as October 4th . Therefore, it is believed that the ASUS Beta program should use a very recent build, possibly already with many additions from the Zenfone lineup.

So, how does it work?

First, you have to sign up – you can do this on the smartphone directly. You will need to navigate to your device’s settings in the updates tab and confirm you are interested in participating in the program. Of course, you must have, or create, an ASUS account. The company guarantees that the installation of the official Beta has no impact on the product warranty.

After you go to settings, navigate to System > System Update. On your upper right corner, you will see a gear icon. Once you click it, you will see the option to “Enroll in the Beta Test Program”.

Once you agree to ASUS’ privacy policy regarding the Beta Testing Program, you’re good to go. 

Users who are able to test Android 12 Beta on ASUS Zenfone 8 will receive an email from the company after performing the procedures described above. Of course, it is important to verify that the email address used for registration is correct and that ASUS’ emails will not be marked as spam in your inbox. 

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the Beta software is confidential and that you shouldn’t post public information about it, or discuss it or demonstrate it to people who are not in the program. There will be a special topic created for Beta testers on the ASUS forum, ZenTalk, that will only be accessible to selected users.

And last but not least, ASUS warns that, as this is just a test version of the new operating system, it might have a few bugs. So it will be a good idea to not use the smartphone you depend on for your day to day activities to Beta test the Android 12. 


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ASUS Recruiting Android 12 Beta Testers For Zenfone 8 – How To Join
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