Asus Zenfone 7 Camera Is Going to Get a Major Upgrade

ASUS kept us in the dark for a month now but they’re not backing away – Zenfone 7 is launching next week. August 26, to be precise. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the launch, but one sticks out of the crowd: camera. We’re in for a major upgrade!

The swivel camera system should return – I don’t see any reason why ASUS would ditch their best feature for this series. So how does ASUS plan to upgrade the camera capabilities this time around? They’ll double it.

Yes, there’s a chance we might look at a quad camera on the Zenfone 7. Their latest visual teaser suggests as much. Rumor is we’re looking at a 64MP main camera, with two 12MP tele and ultrawide shooters and a TOF sensor.

We also know the battery is most likely gonna be a 5,000mAh cell. A 6,000mAh would be awesome but since it’s not a gaming phone, there’s less reason for ASUS to bump it up. 

As for charging power, I think we’re finally going to get 30W… which is decent for a flagship in 2020. Not ideal, but we can live with that. Wireless charging is a maybe for now, as well as water resistance. 

Wireless charging is nice to have but not crucial… but water resistance? I’d like to see ASUS bring it to this Zenfone if they didn’t with the Zenfone 6. Yes, the swivel camera is making that difficult, but we can hope.

Display info is not really in the wild now, but honestly I’m hoping for an OLED screen. Also, fingers crossed for an in-display fingerprint scanner – that would make the whole look of Zenfone 7 cooler!

Watch the video above to know more about memory and expected price!

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