ASUS Zenfone 7 Could Become The Best Affordable Android Phone This July

One of the best flagships last year is ready to come back. Not as a special edition but in the form of a successor. Zenfone 7 will be ASUS’ pride and joy this July, besides ROG Phone 3!

Many of us have been mindblown by ASUS’ gaming phone, with its awesome finishes and spectacular performance. You told us as much in the comments left on our review – check it out below!

What you may forget, though, is that Zenfone 6 was an equally impressive phone in 2019. With the Zenfone 6, ASUS basically destroyed mid-rangers, putting a flagship device out there at an absurdly low price.

At just $499, we saw Zenfone fly off the shelves. Who went crazy for it? Selfie takers. That’s because ASUS didn’t just settle for a pop-up cam or a punch hole one but they made the rear camera work as a front one, too. How? With a flip!

We loved the idea – even despite some minor drawbacks. It was innovative, functional, more than a mere concept! It actually worked – moving to up 180 degrees. And now they’re at it again! 

Rumor is, they’re gonna fix at least some of the issues we discovered last time. 

Since it’s gonna be announced at the same time as ROG Phone 3, the hardware is gonna be super similar. Like, expect a Snapdragon 855 from the get-go and a huge battery!

Zenfone 6 had a 5,000mAh cell so are we gonna see 6,000mAh? Hope so! And even if they keep it at 5,000mAh, I’m not gonna be mad if they do something about the charging power! Can we get at least 30W charging this year?! 60W seems like a dream, so we’d settle for less. And we wouldn’t mind some wireless charging capability, too, but hey, let’s take it step by step. 

Will the processor be overclocked? Just as it’s in the case of ROG Phone 3? Could be, after all, it wouldn’t be that hard for ASUS. It would be as easy as adding 16GB of RAM. It will definitely happen but can they keep the price for Zenfone 7 as low as fans expect from a Zenfone?

Watch the video for camera and display rumors on ASUS Zenfone 7!

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