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MWC 2016

At MWC, Motorola Took A Bet On VerveLife, A Series Of Gadgets For Your Home

This week, at Mobile World Congress, Motorola decided to take a break from smartphone unveilings, focusing on a series of gadgets that aim to keep you connected with your home, when you’re away. Apart from the predictable smart home camera, you have a pet tracker in the series and multiple headphone choices.

The Smart VerveCam is a Wi-Fi connected video recorder that registers everything that happens in the house at 2.5K, with 30fps. The 138-degree lens allows it to capture everything that happens in a room, no matter where you hide it. It’s also IP67 waterproof.

VerveRetrieve is the waterproof GPS tracker on cellular data that helps you track your pets no matter where they go. It’s really useful if you have a wandering dog and a doggy door.

The biggest emphasis is put, though, on headphones options. Motorola comes with 3 variants, all of which repell water. The VerveOnes and VerveOnes+ are waterproof, wireless earbuds with microphones, perfect for making calls. VerveRider and VerveRider+ are similar, with a 12-hour battery that we can find in the Ones, too, but they sport a different, collar-style type. Finally, the VerveLoop and VerveLoop+ are also in-earphones, but the first one offers only 6 hours battery and both come with IPx4/IPx7 water resistance.


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